Hello, friend :D! My name is Jordan and I live in Cali. I'm 18 years old and my birthday is on June 21st. Welcome to my blog ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀. I am an aspiring dancer and artist, as well as an amazing procrastinator. Colorguard is pretty cool. I like WGI/DCI thingies, cats, cute stuff, more cute stuff, Free!, Attack on Titan, Pokemanz, and puns. I also do the band thingy! I will be marching my third year with Blue Devils B and hoping to make the 2015 Blue Devils colorguard *fingers crossed*. I should stop blabbing about myself and let my blog speak for itself ????? :B. I love meeting new people so don't be shy to follow me if you'd like or message me because it would make my day ^_^. Thanks for reading this far and have a lovely day qt pie!


look it’s fine if ur not religious omg it’s 100% ok but once u start telling people that their prayers are worthless, that God isn’t listening, that He is imaginary, that Jesus didn’t exist, that their religious texts are garbage, etc. then you’re a piece of shit shut up

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back to school commercials


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Dream show


Chef Ramsay tracks down every idiot who’s ever made a woman-belong-in- the-kitchen “joke” and forces them to explain why it’s funny while he’s shouting at them

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haha my friends having his penis deducted at a catholic hospital and like before the surgery all the nurses prayed over his dick for a “fast recovery” haha

apparently one of them was holding his dick and the doctor was all like “let us pray” and the person just continued to hold it


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